Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mounted Rifles

My name is Graeme Kyle and I have a longstanding interest in illustration, particularly the picture book format. I see this as one of the most creative outlets for illustrative work because of the potential for word and image to combine to create complex and subtle meaning. It is all the more interesting to me because the readership of picturebooks has expanded beyond the traditional child audience and the themes addressed by pictorial narratives have broadend from lightweight action adventure to embrace complex and literary subjects that explore the human condition.
Within this genre I have been particularly impressed by the work author/illustrators like Joe Sacco, Marjane Satrapi, Art Speigelman and Posey Simmons.
I have had a number of picture books published over the years, the majority of which have been for 5 to 10 year age group and am currently interested in using the picture book format to make historical New Zealand content available to that readership group and their parents.

I have three qualities that inform my work and that would benefit an employer, publisher or client. I have a well-developed ability to draw. I am curious about the world and I have a good memory. That means I’m engaged with the broader world around me, not just the field of design and illustration, I enjoy learning and find the more I’m able to make connections between things the more interesting my life and my work is and the more relevant and valuable my contribution can be to the field of visual communication.

Rodney Rat

Rodney Rat and the Space Creatures